Hitler And Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies is a realistic fiction by William Golding that attempts to trace the defects of society back to the imperfections of human nature. Led and created by the power-hungry, manipulative dictator, Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Party was formed with a myriad of flaws. However, in support of Golding’s thematic statement, Adolf Hitler brought the undoing of the Nazi's regime.
Due to Hitler and Jack’s desire for power, they disregarded the previous system of government that was in control to attain their goals. Hitler dismissed the “democratic policies of the Weimar Republic,” took over, and established his own rule to do as he pleases (“Adolf Hitler”). Jack, tired of following the parliamentary style of government Ralph established, “[went]
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Once Hitler became the Führer of Germany, “the National Socialist German Workers Party was established in 1921” as the political system of Germany (Osadnick). After Jack seceded from Ralph’s group, he declared that “[he and his group were] going to forget about the beast” and instead, “[went] into the forest and [hunted]” frequently, becoming savages (Golding 145, 146). This shows that Jack and Hitler are the creators of their flawed, cruel governments.
Lastly, Hitler and Jack were occasionally impetuous. Once Hitler took control Germany, he immediately “declared Great Britain an enemy and decided to annihilate the Jewish people and Poland” ("Adolf Hitler"). After Jack eliminates all of Ralph’s allies, he decides that “they are going to hunt [Ralph]" (Golding 210). This reveals that Jack and Hitler intermittently make impulsive decisions.
To conclude, Adolf Hitler has successfully proven Golding’s theme. Regardless of the political system, humanity's corruption will eventually bring the fall of society. However, this effect can be delayed. By employing a political system that suppresses the effect of one person’s will over an entire civilization, regardless of the malevolence or benevolence of the individual, Golding’s prediction for society will not come true in the near
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