Hitler s First Photograph Commentary

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Param Patel Mrs. Karen Vann Period C6-7 IB SL English 6 January 2015 Commentary on Hitler’s First Photograph by Wisława Szymborska The poet is Wisława Szymborska and the poem is written in third person omniscient. The literal meaning of the poem is that Hitler is just an ordinary child that is yet to become anything he wants to be. Keeping in mind that his impending future is not the brightest, Szymborska ironically represents Hitler as just another ordinary child. The title, Hitler’s first photograph goes to symbolise how Hitler looked like an ordinary child and nothing more. This is evident through her childlike language throughout. In this poem, Szymborska writes about the how no one would have predicted what would become of Hitler …show more content…

The third stanza focuses on Adolph’s physical innocence, how he was nothing more than “our bouncing boy” (22). He “looks just like his folks” (23). He looked so normal, “like the tots in every other family album” (24). The fourth stanza focuses on how no one predicted that the “small, but worthy town” (28) of Braunau could have produced such evil. “No one

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