Hiv / Aids Exploded Into The Public Conscience

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HIV/AIDS exploded into the public conscience in the early 1980 's. Many of the earliest cases were reported in the media as being the result of homosexual sex practices. In 1983, an AIDS Hotline was published by the United States CDC disseminating information regarding the disease and it was reported that cases were discovered in female patients who had sexual contact with men with AIDS. By September of that year the government had published the known routes of transmission of this new virus and assured the population that it could not be transmitted by casual contact, food, water, air or on environmental surfaces. 1985 brought about the much publicized Ryan White case. Ryan, a hemophiliac, was diagnosed with AIDS obtained through a blood transfusion and was subsequently denied re-entrance to his middle school in Indiana. Additional attention is brought to the disease when Rock Hudson dies of an AIDS-related sickness in October; his good friend Elizabeth Taylor begins an advocacy program on behalf of all AIDS patients. A global celebrity, Princess Diana, showed compassion in February 1989 when she held and hugged a child diagnosed with the virus. It was news shared around the world as many still believed the virus could be spread through touch. The AIDS crisis of the 1980 's shares similarities to the Ebola situation the world is currently experiencing. This paper will examine the disease process of HIV/AIDS as well as present an overview of up-to-date research.…

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