Hiv And Aids : A World Of Biological Beauty And Intelligence Essay

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The year of 1959 saw the first case of the sexually transmitted immune eating disease HIV .Human Immunodeficncy Virus or HIV was tested positive in a man from Congo. HIV is the attack by a disease of the body’s immune system essentially decaying it over time. With the simple symptoms of the common influenza HIV is a silent killer with more than 70 million infections globally and more than 35 million deaths (World Health Organisation, 2015). HIV can be transmitted in many different ways, as well as having multiple symptoms and signs. There is no current cure for HIV or AIDS but there are multiple biological options being made available. HIV destroys the immune system atrociously, allowing for the body to become weak and contract other diseases, most commonly AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) HIV and AIDS is one of the world’s mortiferous disease and has a world of biological beauty and intelligence behind it.
HIV infects approximately 39 million people, majority of which life in low socioeconomic countries or third world countries such as Africa and India. HIV is transmitted 3 main ways: Sexually, through blood and rarely through pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. When engaging in sexual activity, semen and vaginal fluids can spread the infection if unprotected intercourse is performed. Sharing of needles, blood transfusion and work place accidents can also spread the HIV and infiltrate the blood system. Less commonly the mother of a child will infect

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