Essay about Hiv and Aids in Prisons

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Running head: HIV and AIDS in Prison

HIV and AIDS in Prisons
Heather Cooper
Mr. Thompson
April 24, 2013
Kaplan College-Southeast

The following pages contain information on the AIDS and HIV epidemic within the United States prison system. The characteristics of these inmates will be discussed and how well this population adjusts to the environment. There are some treatments and services provided to these inmates in and outside the walls of the prison. The public views are not very friendly, but the criminal justice system is trying to make it easy for the inmates to return back to society with help on how to cope with the disease.

HIV and AIDS in Prisons HIV and AIDS are a serious threat for prison
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The Public’s View This population is not one population that the public ridicules so much. However they are in fear of these inmates getting out of prison and transferring the disease without notifying the other person that they are infected with HIV or AIDS. This can be a bigger problem than what people think especially if the partner to the inmate is unaware of the disease and goes to another partner with the disease they now unknowingly carry. This can become a huge threat to society. These inmates need to also know that knowingly having intercourse with someone and knowingly being infected during intercourse without telling the other person can be a felony which could land them back behind bars. People need to learn that there is no such thing as safe sex and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking your partner to get tested for STDs. It protects you as well as them. Condoms are there for a reason not just to prevent pregnancy but also to keep many STDs from being passed from one person to another. There should be programs in place to educate people about the transference of STDs and to let them know that most of these STDs are being passed around in our prison systems unknowingly.
Case Study In 1995, a man walked into a Minneapolis convenience store with his fingers in his pocket pointed like a gun. He was hoping the police would shoot him and kill him. This man was Aaron Burks, Sr. who

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