Hobby Lobby Contraceptive Case

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And with this law in place it exempts all religious nonprofit corporations but does not exempt for-profit corporations whether they are religious or not. Hobby Lobby is a for-profit corporation and the owners are very conservative and religious and they feel that they should also be exempt from this health care law because they are against taking a life away. They feel that contraceptives get in the way of a life being born. Hobby lobby founder argues that they are being required to do something that they are against.
PUTTING IT ON THE EMPLOYEES One of the main viewpoints discussed in the article was that with the past court cases, they have never discovered a for-profit corporation and/or organization to be religious. And that if they let every company who refuses to abide by this law be exempt because they are a religious company, the government would fall apart. Walter Dellinger, who was a part of the Clinton administration, explained that the employees of hobby lobby shouldn’t have to share the same beliefs as the owners of the company because it’s not like the company is a religious corporation it’s only the owners and they cannot make them feel the same way as them because they are only employees. But Paul Clement, who was a part of the Bush Administration, says that, that is not…

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