Holden Lie In Catcher In The Rye

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In The Catcher in the Rye, written by J.D. Salinger, Holden lies a lot for many reasons. Holden will lie to anyone in order to hide his past from others and create a ‘new him’, gain pitty, and entertainment. He lies to complete strangers, friends, family members, and even the person who is closest to, his sister, Phoebe. Holden hopes to create a new version of himself when he lies. He uses lying to feel good about himself and to cover up that he is depressed and sad about his brothers death. Holden considers himself a professional lier and finds himself constantly lying. The first reason why Holden lies a lot is in order to cover up his past and create a new him, he is angry and depressed about his brothers death. He is too scared to face reality so he chooses to lie in order to create a new version of himself. In The story Holden meets the mother of Ernest Morrow during his journey to New York She asks “May I ask your name, dear?” Holden replies “Rudolf Schmidt” Holden told her the name of the janitor of his dorm because he “didn’t feel like covering up his whole life story”(8.9-13). The interesting part about this quote is that there was no reason for Holden to lie, He really has not done anything bad enough to not tell the truth. It was his fault he got expelled from pencey but he does not want Mrs Morrow to know that. Instead Holden decides to make his lie even worse by telling her that he has a brain tumor, and that is why he is heading home early from Pencey. He

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