Holding Up The Universe Summary

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The story that I choose to read was Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven. I originally choose to read this book because it’s cover looked very interesting to me. The title hooked me and reading the book has been nothing but interesting. The book was about to teenagers whose worlds were completely different but were both the exact opposite of ideal. They were both struggling through hard times until they found each other. I would recommend other people my age to read this book because it is so inspirational and because once you start reading it it is hard to put it down. It keeps you interested and helps you learn how to get through some hard times.

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Throughout the book the author writes the story from Libby’s and Jack’s point of view. Niven writes the book as though Libby is writing in her diary and then in the next chapter Jack is writing in his diary. The author also uses flashbacks in the story. We get a deeper understanding of the story and why things are happening in it because we can see that in the past all of these events lead up to this event. Another way the the author uses craft is how she uses figurative language to also add deeper meaning to the story. The author uses craft to make the story much more interesting to read. If there was no figurative language in the books it would not have gotten the ratings it did or be the book that no one wants to put …show more content…

In today’s world it means a lot to a lot of people because they feel as though they are being heard. Understood. The book goes through a story that happens in everyday life so very often. Holding Up the Universe goes through many conflicts, the development of characters, immense use of different author’s craft, and a setting that is unreplicatable. The theme throughout Holding Up the Universe stands strong in teaching that you must always stand up for who you are and what you stand for no matter who hates against you. You should make decisions that will result in your happiness and you will get out of life what you have given it. This is a strong message to hold onto for the young generation of today. We still have massive amounts of peer pressure that try to get a person to think that it is better to go with the flow instead of standing up for who you are. Can Holding Up the Universe inspire teenagers to be themselves and defy going with the

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