Hollywood Insecurities: Johnny Depp's Poem Helen In Hollywood

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Hollywood Insecurities Sexism is a major part of Hollywood in modern times. You cannot find a single news or media outlet that is not critiquing a male or female celebrity on their appearance, size, and external beauty.. It is ridiculous to say the least when these people are not much better themselves. What the worst part about the public’s view of Hollywood is tearing average people down about their beauty, and wanting to become like other celebrities. The author wrote, “Some celebrity’s beauty has the distinction of instilling admiration in both sexes. Johnny Depp’s eyebrows and jaw line are apparently a source of envy for both men and women” (Queendom). Most women, more than men, feel this way and envy celebrities physical appearances, thinking they will be beautiful if they conform to these celebrities’ looks. But has anyone ever asked if Johnny Depp, or any actor, musician, or author is self conscious of themselves? Judy Grahan does exactly that when she writes a feminist poem entitled, “Helen in Hollywood.”. She considers herself a feminist, and others gaining inspiration from her, saying, “Her writings helped fuel second wave feminist, gay and lesbian activism, and women’s spirituality movements beginning in 1965” (Triangle). Her being a feminist, along with her Ph. D in women's …show more content…

“Helen Goes to Hollywood” is the prime example of how society judge celebrities to their breaking point, and it’s no wonder why we hear about celebrities having mental breakdowns. The bigger scale is never loss what is inside of you. As much as society wants to change you, from your looks to your heart to your goals, never change what is inside of you. What I can personally take from this is never let your inner beauty be taken away. What the best quality about yourself is what is on the inside. You are beautiful inside and

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