Hollywood Sexism

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Power in Hollywood
Women are more than 50 percent of the population in America. Everyday woman face sexism but, Hollywood in particular has many cases of misogynism. Despite Hollywood projecting progressive ideas they severely lack in the sexism part. Misogynist portrayal of women in Hollywood results from men having the power in Hollywood.
Women are a low percent of those behind the camera. “In 2014, a whopping 85 percent of films had no female directors, 80 percent had no female writers, and one-third lacked female producers, according to a San Diego State University study (Davidson). How can there be strong women characters if there are not that many women working behind the scenes? With the lack of women behind the camera, the roles women play are often degrading and sexist. Women are often portrayed in service jobs such as waitresses instead of in leadership roles. In the top 500 films from 2007-2012, 28.8 percent of women wore sexually revealing clothes while men only accounted for 7 percent (IndieWire). TV and movies teach girls from a young age that they are meant to be a wife or homemaker and not much else. It is hard to dream to be a doctor or a CEO of a big company if you do not see it when you turn on the TV. And it is not that women are not qualified to work behind the camera, they are just not given the chance. It is hard to change your portrayal in film and TV if you are not the one writing the characters or directing.
Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Scandal

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