Holocaust Memorial Museum: The Nuremberg Laws

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According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum “the Nuremberg Laws define a "Jew" as someone with three or four Jewish grandparents” (2017). These two laws excluded the Jews from German life and deprived them from their rights. These rights included the right to citizenship and prohibiting marriages between Germans and Jews. Jews in German society had been subjected to prejudices and discrimination. Discriminatory legislation that restricted Jews from a standard life. Ghettos were built so Jews can evacuate their homes and move there. That was a way to keep the Jews under control. The final solution was also implemented under the rule of Hitler. This plan was put in place to exterminate every last Jew. The extermination of Jews was …show more content…

Some holocaust victims were killed upon arrival while others had to suffer and then wait for their death. Some victims suffered from starvation or working prisoners to death. Nazi officers whipped the victims until they were almost unconscious. They would later try to revive them by throwing freezing water. That strategy was used revive them so they can beat them some more. Victims were also lynch to death. What stood out for me was how the gas chambers were built. They looked like showers and the victims were forced to cut their hair and were whipped before they were killed with poisonous …show more content…

In 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. noted in his speech that “he who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting it is really cooperating with it”. This is the perfect example to show how Germans did not fight for humanity. People needed to break the silence and protest. There was not a moment were the Germans felt sympathy for the Jews. The same way that Hitler gained widespread support in Germany by degrading a group of individuals for the way they look, sadly it is still occurring. For instance, Mohamed Morsi was elected to be leader of Egypt even after he made statements that demonized Jews. When Morsi was questioned about the statements he made, he did not do anything to take back what he said or correct his behavior. This demonstrates that society is still allowing this kind of behavior. No one deserves to be hated and treated differently just because they look different. It is not okay to promote hate just because you have the power and authority to do

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