Home Inspection

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Countless websites display the real estate selling steps in detail. Yet, most gloss over the unexpected circumstances that pop up during selling as possibilities. Between the selling process, the seller's personal life, the buyer's personal life, and the agent's professional life, it's almost certain that things won't go smoothly. Fortunately, this article embraces those possibilities.

Home Inspection
A common reason a buyer declines a home is the home inspection. Recommended by agents to buyers, home inspections give buyers a truthful, real-time condition of the home. Sellers should get a home inspector to expose problematic issues now. Repair those issues now before buyers find out. Serious issues like foundation repair or mold require professional assistance to repair the issue. The best home inspector isn't the cheapest or most expensive. These …show more content…

In most cases, buyers don't have a choice as lenders force them to select suitable, yet lender-approved homes. In some cases, the buyer pulls out of the deal for various reasons including personal reasons, a disappointing home inspection, unreasonable seller demands, title issues, rejected mortgage applications, and/or home destruction.

Home Destruction
A rarity in home selling is a natural disaster destroying a home before or during closing. This is heartbreaking to both parties. While the buyer is forced to find a new place to call home, the seller is left with the land. It's rare for traditional buyers to purchase land and build a home from the ground up, yet investors might. Still, home destruction deflates happiness, forcing you to sell the property to a different demographic.

The real estate process isn't smooth sailing. If it did, more homes will sell with fewer interruptions. Savvy agents and sellers must adapt to changes quickly so these selling mistakes won't become a

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