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In getting the word out there about your home sale, the goal is to get your listing in front of as many prospective buyers as possible, so you could always use another online platform to advertise your home listings.
Listing your home on some of these sites is free, while some others may require a fee, but considering the millions of visitors each month to the sites, uploading your listing details to one or more of these websites will be well worth your time and effort. Listing your home sale on a couple of these websites syndicates your listing on other real estate websites and even on MLS affording you more exposure and a quicker home sale.
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Asides from Zillow’s aesthetically pleasing interface, it has all the exciting search tools that allow you to sort by features such as location, rental price, bedrooms, bathrooms and comparing two listings side by side. So prospective buyers for your home can easily navigate and find your listing.
Unlike Craigslist, Zillion only offers real estate market, and so many house-hunters aren’t just wanderers. It is an excellent place for FSBO sellers as posting your ad on here is free (big deal!), and your home sale is exposed to a massive and targeted audience. You can upload images and even link to third-party videos or add a self-shot video of 2 minutes with your mobile device. You will be required to open an account, and you cannot link to outside sites. Zillow mobile app makes it easily accessible to manage and stay updated on listings – sweet for both seller and buyer!
Like Zillow, Trulia’s website and attractive mobile app are incredibly user-friendly and easily accessible. Trulia also has a wide range of features that enables prospective buyers to find exactly the specifications that they want which is good for you as a seller. Trulia is not only focused on selling your home but also your neighborhood; it incorporates demographic data and lifestyle factors into the search process such as proximity to restaurants and shops, crime data, school ratings, etc. Trulia provides a variety of

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