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Homecoming Sadness

Dark alleys frighten me, If I was ever to find myself in one I would die right there. Sadly, I know a lightless alley. It’s the place where my best friend was going to be killed, murdered, assassinated. Did I want to know this information, no, but I was forced to.
It was in school the other day, I was walking to my second class of the day and I overheard my friends name. It came from the boys locker room, so I stood outside listening to what they were saying, they saw me and pulled me in. I wasn 't ready for what I was about to hear, and I never knew it would affect me till the day I die. The plan was set for the day of homecoming, it was her date, he had made this adorable proposal for homecoming but it was all a
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We were going to go as a group but she got asked by a boy to go to homecoming with him.
I left the locker room and I just wanted to cry and go home, I knew I had to continue on with my day so I went to my second class. It was econ and she would be with me. What was I to do, I couldn 't ignore her, she 's my friend and she 'd know something was up. So I put on a brave face and sat next to her, I acted as if I never heard anything.
I finished the school day and went running home, I didn 't want to take the bus, she 's on my bus. As I was walking home, I start balling, the emotions over flew my body. My head was down, the sadness in my body forced my head down. It was a battle in me, happiness versus sadness and sadness was winning the war. I never wanted any of this to happen, I can only think of the other scenarios. What if, I had just walked past the locker room and didn 't go to eavesdrop, what if? Nothing was going to be the same, I was a completely different person this morning and now I 'm at this. No one was home, both of my parents were working late today so I would have some time alone. Homecoming was in 2 days, and for all this to happen within 2 days is crazy. Sitting in my room, I couldn 't believe this would all end, all the memories we 've had together are soon going to be gone. We had picked out our dresses together and we both cried together when she got asked to homecoming. I didn’t do anything
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