Homeland Security Vs Homeland Security

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There are always trade-offs when considering security. the question of the suspension of Liberty lies at the root of arguments concerning Homeland Security. Open nature of democratic societies make the social structure open to attack limiting silver Liberties is far more dangerous than more limited threats posed by terrorism. Decreasing civil liberties limits individual freedom and increases government power.

Civil liberties means individual Freedom people have under a system of law there are two major approaches the first favoring strong security at any cost overlooks humans rights abuse and the emphasized civil liberties. Second favoring civil liberties D emphasizes the security while emphasizing human rights. So is there a balance.

Human rights focus on the legal right to exist in a society where people are free from arbitrary corrosion. Human Wright's intersect terrorism and Homeland Security in to aryah. The first terrorist attacks on instant civilians violate the right of the people to exist apart from political violence against innocent people. And II governments countering terrorist must respect the human rights of their opponents.

As we change how we fight War it affects the structure of Civil Society. Terrorist fight against the way people live combating terrorism involves preservation and protection of social order. To defend against terrorism a nation or culture must used civil defense. The idea of defense-in-depth employees that all levels of society must

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