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Mycenaean civilization was a golden age of splendour that arose during1600 BC. It was during this time that Ancient Greece began to take form, in both cultural and religious aspects. Historians often refer to this period as Mycenaean, but due to the culture and values embodied in Homer’s poem, The Odyssey, it is also known as the Homeric Age. In Homer’s world, society consisted of city-states controlled by well-respected Kings. The Homeric Age also focused on the importance of religion where all regions participated in sacrificial tributes to the Gods. Unlike today’s modern society, methods of travel were very limited in the 1600s. Mycenaeans’ relied on sea travel as their main way of transportation. Due to this, journeys were much …show more content…

For inquires made of the stranger’s history is not spoken of until after the feast. As stated previously, hospitality was often as result of trying to attain a good reputation. With a good reputation, society viewed one higher on the social hierarchy. It is during the guest’s departure from the host’s home where the creation of good reputation is put into action. During the farewells, the act of gift-giving of the finest and most valuable items is presented to the guests by the host. Through the act of gift-giving, one’s reputation was seen as wealthy, kind, generous, and more importantly, honourable. The basis of social standing was primarily based on the ability give gifts. This is apparent when Telemachos departs from Menelaus’s home and is presented with an abundance of gifts. While giving Telemachos a mixing bowl Menelaus states that the bowl “is of silver, all but the edges, and these are finished in gold. This is the work of Hephaestus. Courageous Phædimus, the king of Sidon, gave me this bowl when, on my homeward, I was his welcome guest” (Od. 15. 115-120). The significance of the quotation is that one sees how Menelaus is spreading the reputation of Phaedimus, who was a good host to him, as well as exhibiting his own generosity for offering such a valuable item. So if anyone was to inquire about the origin of the mixing

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