Homeschooling Is Bad

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Why Homeschooling is Not Doing Children Justice
Homeschooling is an option for your child if you do not want them in public or private schooling. Today’s society of parents will make that choice for the child, wither the child wants to or not. Many parents think that public schools are not educating their child enough so they resort to homeschooling. This would mean devoting your time as a parent by helping support them in learning and to make sure they will succeed with their education.
The problem today is that many parents will work with their child for about a month and all of a sudden have no more time to educate them. In the beginning it is your family’s motivation and you want to make them proud, so you try your hardest. …show more content…

Labs are mostly for the science classes, but most kids enjoy them, and it also helps make learning fun. Homeschooling you hardly have any tests, but in public or private school you have a test at least once a month. Tests help the teacher know if the students understand the concept of if they still need more time to understand what it is. Homeschooling is not broken up into semesters or even quarters; the child works at his pace. This could

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