'Homo Suburbiensis' by Bruce Dawe.

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Introduction: "Homo Suburbiensis" is as much a poem about the human condition, as it is a record of one man 's escape from the demands of his existence. "Homo Suburbiensis" uses one man 's escape from his demands to represent our universal need to contemplate and resolve our own uncertainties in life in our own special place. Dawe uses a series of imagery to depict the workings of our minds and a chain of unpleasent sensory experiences to illustrate unwanted intrusions in our lives. Through the vague depictions of these intrusions Dawe urges us not to give great attention to them, but to offer to the world, our most truthful emotions and thoughts. "The man" in the poem is not just a one individual. Dawe suggests this in his title "Homo …show more content…

Even though they are stable occupants of the man 's mind, these objects are covered with the unruly foliage. This could signify the constant unexpected musing the man has about his family or any staple in his life. Intrusions like "... hearing a dog..."interrupt the man 's thoughts this signifies the trivial events in the man 's life. Through the distant nature at which Dawe

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