Homosexuality In Canadian Society

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Families were worried that if their child was exposed to homosexuality, or were themselves gay, that their morals would be tarnished and they would embark towards promiscuous behaviour. Books were given to teens providing advice on how to reach “normality”. They were trying to scare kids into believing that heterosexuality was the only option and anything otherwise was not normal. They also wanted to guilt the children into believing that being gay would not only ostracize yourself, but would also shame your family. Families would tell their children that they needed to be heterosexual to defend Canada. They would also use examples from Canadian society as per what would happen if they did end up gay. Examples like how the …show more content…

Men, women and children had to fit inside this nuclear family ideology. Communism was a major factor in this family structure because it influenced the civil defence movement that gave housewives new roles in society, while allowing the men to go out and work to be the breadwinner. Children had to be censored from the world of communism so not to risk their beliefs from being influenced. Then there was the pressure from the government telling the families that it was being patriotic to follow the new social structure and if people did otherwise they were seen as communist supporters. Lastly, there was the pressure that society put on each other. The nuclear family was the accepted lifestyle and if you did not follow it, most people would look down on you. Homosexuality is one of the best examples of this ostracization within Canada during the Cold War. The roles were so clear cut and heterosexuality was deemed the only lifestyle for Canadian citizens. With all that said, it is clear to see that during the Cold War threat of nuclear warfare, communism, the governments and societal influence created new roles and identities for everyone in

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