Honey Bees Pollinates Bees

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Save the Bees

Bees are profound contributers to the ecosystem, but their population size is decreasing tremendously. Without them, key factors to everyday life will be negatively affected. The honey bees pollinates flowers. Pollination is when pollen is transferred to a flower’s reproductive organs and enables it to fertilize. When fruits and vegetables are growing, they start of as small flowers on the plant, eventually becoming whatever food they are. Pollination is how the flowers are able to grow into the fruit or vegetable. The natural, and best way, a plant gets pollinated is through bees.

Admittedly, some may argue that honey bees are not a necessity because there are alternate ways to pollinate crops. For example, other insects such as butterflies, beetles, flies, and wasps are able to pollinate (Gordon). Looking at this point of view, it may seem that bees would not be necessary for pollination. Bees are not the only pollinating animal, so there should be no need to protect them. These insects do not pollinate the same way as bees, so how do they do it? Active insects get covered in pollen when visiting flowers, which then rubs off onto the next flower visited (Gordon). Bees do essentially the same thing, except they do it purposely, making it the process more effective. In summation, because there are other insects that have the ability to pollinate, opposers of saving the honey bees think that it is unnecessary to aid them in survival. Bees however,

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