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When it comes to fulfilling Hawaii’s energy efficiency and security needs, Honeywell International is more than a household name. For over a century, Honeywell International has been on the cutting edge of building automation, starting with the invention of the furnace regulator and alarm system, a piece of equipment that paved the way for the development of the thermostat. Today, the company specializes in designing and building systems that keep your home or workplace comfortable and safe, from the familiar fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector to crucial access control and video surveillance systems. Honeywell International also provides HVAC maintenance services to ensure that your entire system is running smoothly.

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Buildup in this drain can impact your HVAC system’s performance and make rooms feel humid. Similarly, check your air conditioner’s refrigerant levels and adjust accordingly. Too much or too little refrigerant can decrease your air conditioner’s energy efficiency and even shorten its useful life.
Check All Connections: Whether the connection is to an electrical, oil, or gas system, make sure that it is secure so that your HVAC system runs safely. Loose connections can decrease energy efficiency and increase the potential of unsafe system operation and serious damage.
Lubricate Moving Parts: If the moving parts of your HVAC system cannot move easily, that friction can increase the amount of electricity your system needs to operate the way you expect it to. Not only can this cost you more money as your electricity bill increases each month, it can lead to damage that is time-consuming and expensive to repair.
To learn more about Honeywell International’s history of innovation and vision for your comfort and safety in the years to come, visit their website. Call (808) 591-6700 to speak with their Honolulu office about your home or business’s heating, cooling, and security

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