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Hydronic Systems: Hydronics vs. Variable Refrigerant Flow
Data is constantly being collected regarding energy consumption at the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), headquarters in Atlanta. This data can be accessed by researchers from around the world, allowing them to monitor the performance of a building’s temperature control systems and extract data for further study.
ASHRAE, is the international organization for the heating, ventilation, and air condition-ing (HVAC) industry. ASHRAE went out and renovated their 30,000 square foot headquarters for $6.2 million in 2008. From this created a sustainability showcase to promote the renewable energy and water efficiency for indoor and outdoor …show more content…

While VRF has a growing interest among engineers, contractors and building owners. A lack of performance data hinders acceptance of manufacturer efficiency claims. The concern over sparse data has been noted in a number of papers on VRF, including this 2012 report prepared by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for the U.S. General Services Administration: “Sur-prisingly, despite the long history with VRF technology in Europe, Japan and elsewhere, the U.S. research community has not found useful research on VRF from these places. While some general literature is available about these systems, there is a lack of critical evaluation of actual field en-ergy performance.”
In addition to mixed views on efficiency, a number of perceptions exist on the pros and cons of VRF systems. This is due to the aggressive marketing and academical campaigns by the VRF manufacturers themselves.
The key differences between the two types of HVAC systems are outlined in what fol-lows, along with considerations for those who influence system selections. [Figure 1] Graph shows the distribution of horsepower done by the compressor over the length of a pipe or duct. Showing that a Hydronic compressor works much less compared to VRF due to the refrigerant chemicals that’s forced through pipes.
Evaluate the costs
The costs of VRF systems are reported

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