Hooking A Bowling Ball: How To Hook A Bowling Ball

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Is it true that you are a middle of the road bowler eager to take your game to the next level and yield better results? Alright, so as to expand your capacities, you should figure out how to hook the ball. You may ask “What is a hook and why is it important?” Well, hooking the bowling ball is a technique where the bowling ball turns from its path down the lane. When the hook procedure gets executed correctly, it allows the ball a better angle of entry into your target, also identified as the pocket. When the ball enters the pocket at a different degree, as opposed to straight on, the ball hits the pins with more force, causing better pin carry. There are a few steps you can exercise to improve your skills at hooking a bowling ball. Although it can take rigorous hands-on training and lots of dedication to become proficient at getting the ball to hook, the fundamentals are not too challenging to learn. First off, you need to get the proper grip on the ball. Take you middle and index fingers and place them in the two holes. Remember that if your fingers are too deep in the holes can cause blistering. The ideal depth for your fingers is down to the firs crease. In other words, just the finger tips. Using the tips of …show more content…

Like in many positions in sports the follow through is key to accuracy. Think of a golf swing or shooting a basketball for instance. In bowling, it’s the same case. An easy way to executing an effective follow through is to think of a handshake. Meaning, when you get to the release point turn your hand as if you were shaking someone’s hand. The exercises I mentioned earlier help with this conversion. Twisting your hand creates that roll and rotation movement, resulting in ball revolutions. These revs will eventually catch on the dry part down lane causing your ball to change course and hook. It may take performing this step several times but your follow through will come

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