Hope Case Study

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Assignment for Course: ISM 5150, IS Strategy & Data Management
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Date of Submission: December 12, 2015
Title of Assignment: Hope Case Analysis

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Ideally however, a business monarchy would be established, clearly defined security policies would be put in place along with information security education, training and awareness to every employee in the organization and some investment would be made in the IT structure whereby the server might be accessible at the organization itself as well as in the Finance Commission’s offices. Lastly, another alternative would be to establish IT governance within the organization and give invest in education, training and awareness of information security to all employees involved with the organization whether directly or indirectly.
The recommendation to the HOPE organization at this time is to immediately establish a clear governance of their information technology. In doing this they will assign responsibility to leaders of the organization who will have knowledge of the organization’s strategy on which the security strategy should be based and since with this models no detailed technical knowledge is required, it works well as typically the head of these non-profit organizations are not extremely technically inclined. Next they need to invest in education, training and awareness of IT security. All of the employees involved in any aspect of information technology at the organization need to understand critical security issues with different programs. They need to be informed and knowledgeable of the
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