Horror Argument For Horror Movies

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Horror Genre Argument
One in four college students in a recent study said they experience lingering effects of a frightful movie or TV experience from childhood. (Bernie DeGroat) Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief the someone or something is dangerous causing pain, or threats. It is not appropriate for middle schoolers to read classic horror stories like “The Tell-Tale Heart”, because they can cause them anxiety and it can make them aggressive after watching scary movies.
Horror movies can cause middle schoolers anxiety because horror movies have different components not appropriate for children. This fear and anxiety of horror movies can cause pain or threats. This means that even after the movie is done, middle schoolers can feel anxious and uneasy because they saw violence and other things in the movie that can happen in the real world. In the text” The Tell-Tale Heart” the narrator states “I made up my mind to take the life of the old man, thus riding myself of the eye forever”. This means that the narrator has decided to take the life of the old man because of his eye. Middle Schoolers might interpret this as okay to kill a man because of his eye.
There are many different types of horror. These types of horror can cause aggression. Aggression is hostile or violent behavior or attitudes toward another. This happens because of the violence they experience in horror films. In the online text” Scary movies can have lasting effects on children and teens,

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