Horror Of Jewish Revenge On The Nazis Essay

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In Quentin Tarantino’s film Inglourious Basterds (US, 2009), the fantasy of Jewish revenge on the Nazis is demonstrated through reciprocal brutality. Due to the mass murder of about six million Jewish Europeans during the Holocaust, Jews in cinema and television are often depicted as unfortunate and defenseless victims, while Nazis are portrayed as evil and heartless subjugators. However, in this fictional story, a reverse scenario is illustrated. Through the cinematic techniques of close ups and diegetic sound, the film emphasizes savagery and sweet revenge for the Jews. During the final scene featuring a surprise attack, armed Jews gain agency then transcend past revenge to become perpetrators, no different from the Nazis. Thus, the director uses lengthy sequences of violence to transform Jewish vengeance into disturbingly inhumane behaviors. In order to exemplify the significance of Jewish revenge, I will first explain a brief history of Jewish revolts against the Nazis, most notably in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Next, I will describe the fantasy of revenge in Holocaust cinema. Third, I will analyze the specific sequences of armed vengeance in Inglourious Basterds. Finally, this analysis will lead into my discussion of the director’s depictions of imagined Jewish revenge. Through the interpretation of particular film techniques, I plan to accentuate the malevolent and vindictive fantasies taken by Jews in order to highlight their resemblance to the monstrosities of

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