The Horrors of the Holocaust Essay

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We remember the Holocaust, a time of horror, pain, and suffering. Approximately eleven million people were exterminated, 54.5% being Jew, and 45.5% being another kind of an Undesirable. All of this disaster was planned by Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler. Him and his men took over parts of the world to dominate and create a perfect race. Someone with blue eyes, blonde hair, and fair skin. It all started when Hitler's parents pass away when Hitler was only a young boy. By then, he had already been corrupted mentally. As he grew older though, Hitler embraced art and wanted to enroll into an art school. Sadly, he was rejected, but he tried once more. Hitler had failed to enroll again. Soon after the terrible news, Hitler became devastated and…show more content…
Approximately six million Jews were killed, the most abundant number of all. It was not as if it were peaceful deaths either. They were sick, painful and unimaginable deaths. The people were taken out of their homes, lost all of their human rights and were sent to concentration camps to die. As some of them got off the train, the children were sent straight to the gas chambers. Others were looked at straight in the eye and were shot. The rest of the people would have entered the concentration camps only to be killed by exhaustion or starvation. The terrors of the concentration camps spread rumours out to the ones trying to escape, and the ones in hiding. "The Diary of Anne Frank" tells us a story about how her life as a Jew was drastically changing during the Holocaust and the start of World War II (WWII). She was a very intelligent young woman that had hopes and dreams. Anne was a normal teenager trying to find her way in life. All of that changed when the Nuremburg Race Laws were formed. Her father who was a World War I fighter hid his family and friends in a Secret Annex that was blended in with a normal neighborhood. As she lived for months in the Secret Annex, Frank had written her diary, full of her experiences in the Annex. Everything changed though, when she reached the end of her times in the Annex. Hitler's men had found Anne and her family and friends. This memoir adds in to the
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