Hoseok-Personal Narrative

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“Y/n, when I said I wanted to hang out with you, this is not what I had in mind.” Hoseok sat in his stool, freaking out with all the wires stuck onto his head and several parts body with simple slabs of gel attached to each one of them.

You tore of your headphones, and faced him with your bottom lip childishly protruding out, “Come on Hobi, you promised.”

“Yeah, and now I’m terrified.”

You walked toward him with a notepad in hand and softly smiled at his scared state. “I really need this data for my Psych’ assignment. It’s really important to me...and it’d be so much more fun if you were here with me, ya know.”

You reached him with a soft gaze. “I could really use your help, plus you have the best reactions on campus. We’ll finish the …show more content…

Hoseok looked back at you with a gaze just as soft, knowing very well how he easily surrendered to his younger friend. He looked down at his lap, nodding shamefully, selling his body to the girl in front of him. “Do what you gotta do. I’ll be glad to help. Whatever you …show more content…

“Y/n, what the fuck?!”

“Sorry, did I mention that depending on your choice you can receive a shock to you arm? Oh well, now you know.”

“Come on, Y/n.” He tried reaching for the cupcake again and the same result happened just like moments before. He pulled away with a scowl on his face. “This is like the lie detector all over again.”

You quietly snickered.

Hoseok went through trial after trial for the past hour and you recorded every moment of it. Every squeal, every shake, every bodily movement, you know you were almost finished.

“Ok Hoseok, we have one more experiment left and I’m gonna need your patience and complete attention.And your also gonna be blindfolded.”

Hoseok was bruised in places he shouldn’t be, stained all over his clothes, and according to the brain waves recordings was stressed as fuck. “Blindfolded?”

His voice cracked in fright.

“Yes, blindfolded.” You reached over pulled the piece of cloth over his eyes and stood in front of him once you were done. “See

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