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  • Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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    looking than me (and I do not say that often.) “So what did you say happened again?” said grumpy ( I named the plump one grumpy.) His nose was so vulgar that it was difficult to focus on what he was saying. “I said I killed him in his house,” I replied. “ Killed who?” said grumpy. “Before I answer, who are you?” “I am Christopher,” said grumpy. “And I am Jayceon,” said the other one. “I am Yasah. It’s a pleasure being here,” I replied kindly. “So what happened!” Christopher demanded. “His eye made

  • Short Story

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    like my best friend. You know, other than Sebastian. He is my ride or die. I actually have to meet him at Lunes ( The coffee shop only open on mondays) in about 5 minutes. I better leave now. “Morgan, what took so long?” Yelled Sebastian. “I’m only 1 minute, and 46, 47,48-” “Ok that doesn't matter. What matters is that we need to talk about how we

  • Fenton: A Narrative Fiction

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    I eventually got sick and tired of Fenton’s constant digs. They weren’t even clever. The teacher had said we needed to work as a team anyway, and his ostracizing the entire group wasn’t helping to get the project done. “Okay, so what two elements do we need to include when confronting the ogre?” Maddy asked. “C’mon, guys, we’re almost done.” “Fire and earth,” Roz said, clearly bored out of her skull. She absently began to pull up blades of grass from the academy lawn. “It’s a good thing I’m in

  • Being A Cia Agent Or Something?

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    'll want to hear what they have to say.” “So who are you really, huh?” I questioned, “some guys trying to be someone they 're not?” “I suggest that you listen to your brother, go sit down in that chair over there, and listen to what Ajax and I have to say kid,” said the third guy that came in with Derek and Ajax. “And who are you mister?” I asked the third man. “Chris,” he replied in a cold voice, “and you should really go sit down in that chair like I told you.” “Or what?” I

  • Conners House: A Fictional Narrative

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    in Jade's (kinda small) room in Detroit. I get back on the bed and push her off after three tries still half asleep. "Hey! What was that for!" She shouted at me."You pushed me off first," I simply told her. "Come on it's Saturday let's go to Conners house," I called to her running out of her house as if I'm a speed demon. "Slow down!" She called trying to catch up to me, so I stop for a minute. We finally get to conner's house and I knock, Riley (his little brother) answers the door as usual. "Hey

  • Short Story Of Montresor

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    raised they must have been.” I’ve only come to see that your soiree was going as smoothly as planned. I’m on my way to my brother’s, so I fear I cannot stay for long.” With an eldritch turn of the head, Fortunato protests. “Why Montresor, you’ve only just come. You simply cannot leave just yet. My guests would think me an unhospitable host if you left so soon, and I simply cannot have that. Come, let us get you some food, shall we?” Before I can speak an utterance, he leads me to an

  • Emotional Roller Coaster Type Deals

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    happenin’ but when foolishness gets involved; well, that 's when the shit hits the fan. What I hate the most is when someone throws something back in your face, after choosing not to listen. But what puts the icing on the cake is hearing those four words, “I told you so.” It 's on the top of my list of the worst things to hear when I 'm already feeling fucked up for not heeding the warning signs. Well, my “I told you so” warnings came from the constant chit chat of my best friend, Brina.

  • The Bayoni: A Fictional Narrative

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    had eyes so blue they were a royal purple, and they would’ve been beautiful had they not had a hardened, bitter look to them. She had the eyes of one who had seen much,

  • Olympus Station - Somewhere Between Earth And Mars Six Years Ago

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    Olympus Station – Somewhere between Earth and Mars Six years ago… “So what’s the deal, Cap? You not gonna unwind a little bit while we’re here?” Wyatt McKenzie looked at his young navigator and smiled slightly. At six one, he stood considerably taller. “I’d just rather read a book and catch up on some sleep, Gavin.” “Read a book?” The young ensign shook his head. The flight terminal of the space station was packed – with humans

  • The Night - Original Writing

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    Sometime after sunset, I managed to fall asleep on the sofa while Hawking and Gran continued talking. The ghosts, having figured out we just didn’t care anymore, quieted down to the occasional moan and howl. I guessed even ghosts get tired of all the drama after a while. I woke up at ten and saw Gran sleeping in her chair by the fire. Hawking stood by us, keeping watch. After deciding there was no way I was going to be able to fall back asleep, I closed my eyes and was out in seconds. The next