Host Culture In The Host Culture, By Shoba And Lahiri

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doing works in outside. While the time of power failure Shoba and Shukumar confesses her childhood experience in India, where the time of power cut she playing and sharing her experience of host culture, about friends and telling stories and some jokes like that. So, in Boston she was longing for Indian culture. There, the culture is mixed. The power cut become to the end at the day of fifth, she revealed him about she want to separate from him and searching her identity in loneliness which representthe American culture during that he reveals about the untold truth of her child’s death afterthat cofession both are cried together in the dark. The darkness is representation of two cultures which turns into the metaphor of hybrid identity. The lives of Indian immigrants in a foreign country where some immigrants try to adopt the host culture or some others influenced by that culture, especialy the first generation immigrants faced a lot of struggles to assimilate the host culture but the second genetration could be easily adopt the foreign culture because of they are born to the lives of foriegn immigrants in the alien country. So, they could be assimilate the host culture. The first generation immigrants searching their home in a foreign country and followed thier native culture and tradition in the home.
The born and
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Mr. Pirzada belongs to Pakistan and the narrator’s parents belongs to India. Even though, they shared same food and thier thoughts also to be the same. In their native place the both land India and Pakistan doing fights each other for land. In 1971, the cruel clouds of war was widely spread on India and Pakistan. Due to that time of war, many people are killed by the opposite community or coutry even child also killed cruely and women are barracked and
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