Ethnic Assimilation From The United States

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It is expected that ultimately there will be a loss of ethnic distinctiveness for immigrants in the U.S., meaning the lack of attachment to the country of origin. (Golash-Boza, 2006) It is argued that all ethnic distinctiveness will no longer exist by the seventh or eighth generations. Before exploring the influence of foreign born vs. U.S. born parents on their children’s cultural assimilation; the different theories of assimilation will be explored. The idea of Assimilation came about in the early 20th century. (Golash-Boza, 2006) Assimilation is surrounded by two theories, the first that all immigrants will assimilate sooner or later and that the generational status of the individual is one of the main factors in determining the …show more content…

(Haller, 2011) All of these factors influence cultural assimilation; some of these in addition to others will be explored when joined with the comparison of cultural assimilation with the children of foreign born and U.S. born parents.
Ethnic Identification

Ethnic distinctiveness is expected to eventually disappear, when it comes to third or fourth generation children. (Golash-Boza, 2006) Ethnic distinctiveness is directly related to ethnic identification and how a person sees themselves. (Golash-Boza, 2006) In society there are African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Latino(a)-Americans and Americans. The question of losing the hyphenation and just calling yourself “American” effect on integrating yourself into the American culture was raised and if so does calling yourself American rather than Latino(a) American mean that you have completely lost your ethnic identity? Ethnic identification plays a big role on cultural assimilation into the American culture. A survey was done to explore the relationship between ethnic identification and cultural assimilation and how it differs between the children of foreign born and U.S. born parents.
In a National Latino Survey done in 2002, surveyors asked respondents to describe themselves using different terms

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