House Affordability Is A Perennial Issue

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Tiny Houses in Australia and the increase interest in having them built.
House affordability is a perennial issue in Australia and has worsened drastically in the last 3 decades.
Several factors exist for the inadequate affordable housing. On the requirement side most are population growth and also higher migration to urban places, simply reachable housing finance, tax incentives as well as a “strong cultural preference for owner-occupied detached houses”. On the supply part, price level problems are exacerbated by inflexible and also poor responses to the demand for new housing stock, inadequate infrastructure and generally poor organizing procedures and development assessment by local governments.
The more and more popular tiny house movement had been mooted as a possible way out of some housing price level issues. The movement started in the United States in the late 1990s, mostly due to housing affordability problems, the global financial meltdown with the plans to live more sustainably. At the time, the tiny house movement was early small and localized; previously decade, it has become significantly mainstream.
Definitely, there is quite strong need for affordable housing and for alternative housing forms. Recent study (an online survey, several interviews and social media research) has proven tiny houses appeal strongly to a broad demographic, especially to single-person or couple household.

As we grow and are getting handy, wise and skillful, we can easily refine
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