House of Spirits Essay

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In her famous The House of the Spirits, Isabel Allende documents the life of several characters during the Chilean reality in the 1930s. Her notorious feminist ideology is, at times, extremely obvious. Elements such as the clash of social classes and the social, political and economical conditions of Chile during this period of high turmoil are also well portrayed. Isabel Allende achieves to give us a good image of what life in Chile was like during those years. Some particular characters specially exemplify all of these elements very clearly.
Allende’s character Esteban Trueba has a very intricate life. Through his triumphs and defeats and through the different places of this novel, Allende portrays several elements that clearly …show more content…

This has been a constant characteristic in Latin American reality, mainly during the revolutions that took place in the beginning of the 1900s. Poor people with great ideals of change and commitment towards society rise and make others believe in them. However, once in power, they forget their ideas and start thinking of themselves. Esteban, in my opinion represents this social figure of leaders that once in power, forget their origins and start thinking money and more power.
During the novel, Ferula endures many burdens as well. These burdens are due to her father's drinking, then his death, her mother's age, her chronic ailment, and having the responsibility of taking care of Esteban during his childhood. A direct result of these chaotic years is her inability to relate with her brother. For instance, a small situation portrays perfectly this inability to relate. When Esteban buys a luxurious, an elaborate coffee with his money she scolds him for "spending Mama's medicine money on [his] private little whims" (Allende 43). Eventually Esteban gets tired of this oppressive way of life and goes to search for a "destiny that was bright, free, and full of promise" (Allende 44). At Tres Marias he hopes to find his Eden. All this cargo from his past is called to his attention by the letter he receives from Ferula. The letter does result in inflicting guilt on Esteban, for his lack of

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