Housing Team Work Case Study

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Initially, the Housing Team started the project intending to clarify sustainable procurement guidelines. However, as our research progressed, we realized that creating concrete guidelines would not be the most efficient way in increasing the share of spending on environmentally preferred products. Our goals evolved and we ended up creating a list of recommended green office supplies in order to streamline the whole purchasing process. As mentioned previously, the second phase of the project is about educational outreach programs. This educational component aims to stimulate interest in the purchasing and utilization of green office supplies at UCLA. The objective of spreading awareness and educating staff on green office supplies is to initiate changes in people’s purchasing patterns and consumer habits. The Housing Team intends to reach students as well as UCLA Housing and Hospitality Services and UCLA Residential Life full time staff. The team plans on organizing “Lunch and Learn” programs to educate full-time staff about the importance of purchasing environmentally …show more content…

The two main ways that we will engage with students is through a workshop with UCLA Residential Life’s Team Green on the Hill and a booth at the Earth Day Fair. Team Green is a student leadership program that encourages residents in the dormitories to make sustainable lifestyle choices through education, community involvement, and advocacy. By interacting with Team Green Hill Government Representatives, the Housing Team has the potential to impact a large number of students on the Hill. These student leaders organize programs for dormitory residents and have influence within their communities. The Earth Day Fair is another method for spreading awareness to students. The Housing Team hopes to acquire some free samples of green office supplies to give away during the Earth Day

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