How A Community Pharmacy Is Provide Patients With A Safe And Trustworthy Environment For Pick Up Their Monthly Prescriptions

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I. Introduction The purpose of a community pharmacy is to provide patients with a safe and trustworthy environment to pick up their monthly prescriptions. The typical process involves patients seeing their doctors, being diagnosed with a health condition, and being prescribed medications to treat these health conditions. Patients are then expected to bring their prescriptions to their pharmacy to get them filled and proceed to get the medications refilled on a monthly basis. The challenging aspect of this process is that most patients are not on just one medication to treat their conditions. Rather, most patients are usually taking multiple medications to treat their chronic health conditions.3 A typical community pharmacy is in charge of providing patients with their monthly medications, but there is so much more to what a community pharmacy does.
The pharmacy staff answers phone calls, contacts physicians for refill authorizations or prescription discrepancies, contacts insurances companies to resolve coverage issues, counsels patients on new or refilled prescriptions, among many other things. While this model has been around for many, many years, it is wildly inefficient.
Patients with multiple prescriptions call the pharmacy multiple times per month, which leads to repetitions of the process described above. This leads to a number of unknowns and the pharmacy staff is bombarded with multiple hurdles to overcome and most importantly, the workload is significantly

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