How Acid Rain Causes Damage to Art Essay

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Acids are part of our everyday life. Citrit acid is found in lemons, limes, and oranges. Carbonic acid is found in soda pop. However, acidic gases natuarlly occur in the atmosphere. This acidic process can be made from plants and animals (“Acids in the Environment,” 2011). Generally, rain is is inherently acidic. Acid rain though, is exactly the same excerpt for a slight increase in acidity. Neither of them cause burns, however. There are many different types of acid rain, the best known are sulphurous and sulphuric acid. Sulphurous acid is H2SO3, which is when gas dissolves in the atomsphere. Sulphuric acid is H2SO4, which is when the atomsphere is oxidated. Like other acidic substances, acid rain can vary on the pH level, it …show more content…

Later he add, “that it would be hard to protect the Statue of Liberty against the effects of the environment” (Pennisi, 1991, p.101). Livingston says that over the years, erosion with start to destroy the Statue of Liberty even without acid rain. I personally think that all of the following causes-acid rain, corrison and the damage of antlerite has all played a part in the wrecking on the Statue of Liberty.
Acid rain has affected the economical problem on work of arts. According to James H. Gibson of Colorado State Univerity in Ft. Collins, acid rain has caused one of the most expensive and well-known economic problems in the world. “According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA, they have estimated an annual cost of $5 billon dollars and increasing due to fixing of stuctures damaged by acid deposition” (Petersopn, 1985, p.154). Acid rain has been around in the world for many of years, how can we solve the issue of acid rain in our environment and help the companies from spending so much money on preventing acid rain from destroying their artwork?
The whole world has been affected by the acid rain increase, but the United States have been affected the most. Most of the cities that are affect are right her in our backyard areas. “Twenty U.S. citites, primarily in the American’s

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