How Action Perpetuate A Social Structure

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People always say “time always repeats itself” and take this statement as fact, but when you try to explain to people how action perpetuate a social structure that inhabits some from achieving social advancements and your met with disbelief. Even further disbelief comes about when they mention of how race, class, and gender intersect and what causes certain types of people to have disadvantages in the social hierarchy. Most believe in the iconic American saying “pulling yourself up by your boot straps” believe this is the only way to achieve great achievements in life and the only thing that holds yourself back is you; not knowing of this structure. This structure permeates through all sectors of our lives and begins as early as in high school where a researcher Julie Bettie studied a group of young ladies in their senior year. She was able to see how class effects their daily life and social circles. One determinant was the social class of their parents, if their parents were low- to middle-class would determine the offspring’s social circles except for the occasional few that were able to climb up the ranks through their own determination. Before going into further depth of how the social class effects the offspring of parents there is a need to return back to the notion of intersectionality. Ivy Ken, another writer of this subject explains intersectionality of race, class, and gender as simple three ingredient recipes; she does this to simplify the understanding of

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