Social Structure Theory Essay

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Social Structure Theory Holly Barnes CJS/231 August 30, 2015 Professor Chris Rosbough There are several theories created by many thinkers of our time that believes that societal, financial, and social arrangements and/or structures as the main cause of criminal behavior. In society, depending on where you are, there are usually some unwritten norms that are expected to be followed. It can be in a business corporation, out in the streets, at home. Usually there will be two sets of norms that is expected to be followed that causes an individual to feel torn. However, the feeling of being torn is the inner battle of doing the right thing, conscience or keeping yourself alive. The video, “Tent City, Arizona” was chosen to be watched…show more content…
Although the theories were not clearly spelled out in the video, it could be clearly portrayed by the cluster of races as well as how they ran each cluster internally. The first social structure theory that could be identified is the social disorganization where the prisoners would come from their world outside the prison where they had freedom of choices as well as freedom to have whatever they wanted. They knew people in their lives and had the bonds with their families. Once they came into the prison, it was clear that they wouldn’t know anybody with exception of a few people and only interacted with each other due to their races. Although they knew the rules of the prison, they had a separate unwritten rule made up for their races which was basically to keep an eye out for each other or face consequences such as bashings, stabbings, or get killed. As Professor John Fuller (2011), states in his lecture, “society is not organized and so people don’t know what is right, they don’t know exactly what the rules are and so they are free to kind of make up things as they go along. They don’t have, they are not bonded to each other as neighbors, and so they look at each other, particularly in an emerging capitalist society, they look at each other as targets of opportunity for financial gain, rather than necessarily people to care about and to connect with.” As a result, prisoners are expected to continue breaking
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