How Albert Einstein Affected Technology?

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Albert Einstein, one of the most luminary thinkers in history made many influential contributions to the fields of science and philosophy to revolutionize man’s understanding of the world. All great things once had humble beginnings. Einstein was born into a middle class family with one sibling. Early in his life, his family influenced him through his presents. His family would gift items such as him telescopes and compasses. His uncle would also, on occasional, teach him in algebra. The one man however who inspired him the most was Albert A. Michelson, a former navy student who refined the definition of the speed of light. In addition to his type of home-schooling, Einstein also went to a public school. It was always a controversial question that asked if Einstein failed at some core subjects in school. The only and true answer is that he set his focus on only the subjects that intrigued him. It was in this way that he was able to achieve the great works that he did. Later on in his life, he would put this strategy to use again as he focuses on developing the Theory of Special Relativity and the equation E=mc². Through the establishment of his legendary equation, the Theory for Lasers, and the publication of Theory of Special Relativity, Albert Einstein succeeded in laying an enormous impact on the technology in the twenty and twenty-first century. To commence, Einstein’s world renowned equation allowed the world to see a new way to create energy using mass.

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