How And Where Did You First Hear About Sgu?

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1. How and where did you first hear about SGU ?

I heard about it from a friend who applied and is currently attending SGU.

2. Did you hear about the Keith B. Scholars Program ? Would you consider the option to spend a semester of the basic science portion in England ? Or are you only interested in Grenada?

Yes, I learned about the Keith B. Scholars program through my research of the school. I would consider the option to spend a semester in England.

3. Medical school Applications:
How many US/CANADA Schools applied to ? Year ? Status ?
How many INTERNATIONAL schools applied to ? Year ? Status ?

I have applied to 6 US schools this year and have either holds or rejections.

I have applied to 2 international schools, AUC and …show more content…

We had to work with each other the entire semester together, being dependent on each other for our grades. One group member, in the beginning was not pulling their weight and would be working on it until the last second or submit late. I decided to ask if the person needed help, or if there was something they were not getting. As it turned out, he was unclear on some instructions and wasn’t getting the material. So I decided to help him out and invite him to my study sessions, and either that or bringing it up to his attention that he needed to pick up the pace put us back on track.

7. Motivation:
Describe a time when you struggled to reach a goal - what tactics did you use to succeed ? How did it change your approach to achieving goals ? Let me hear about a time when you were dissatisfied with an achievement- why ? And what did you do ? How have you approached the achievement of a goal in a subject or project you truly disliked ? What strategies solid you use to succeed ? Etc.

During my undergrad I was given my own project with mice, it was a big responsibility. I had to come in everyday and perform psychosocial experiments. One day I became to autonomous and in the routine, where I actually killed a mouse by being careless. I learned to never think something is routine, even if you have done it a hundred times, because things can always go wrong.

8. Flexibility:
Describe a situation where you had to adjust to changes over which you had no

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