Problems Faced by International Students

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Problems Faces by International Students in the UK Every year there are around 435,000 international students enrolled in universities around the UK (UKCISA). Studying abroad for a lot of these students is a privilege, however it can be a stressful experience for various reasons. There are plenty of challenges, other than language barrier, that these students face, like major culture shock, homesickness, and financial difficulties. One of the most obvious difficulties for an international student is culture shock. Culture shock is the result of moving from an environment that is familiar to one that is not. Adjusting to new food, people, environment and…show more content…
The United Kingdom is well known for it’s excellent reputation when it comes to education and that’s why it’s a lot of international student’s first choice. Moving away from their hometowns to study in the UK can be a wonderful opportunity, yet a challenging experience all at the same time. There are numerous problems that they face as it differs from one student. Other than the obvious language barriers, they may experience culture shock as they may be coming from countries on the other side of the world. They may also experience homesickness, and financial problems. Nevertheless it’s possible to find solutions to these difficulties and to adjust to these following problems and enjoying a wonderful education experience abroad. Bibliography Adams, R. (2013). Universities face more complaints since rise in tuition fees. Retrieved June 13 from Darlena Jones, P. a. (2012). Homesickness Impacts Retention and Academic Performance. Retrieved February 2006 from Kegel, K. (2009). Homesickness in International College Students . Retrieved from
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