How Budgeting Is A Important Aspect Of Being A Productive Member Of Society Essay

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Budgeting is a very important aspect of being a productive member of society and as well as productive member of the Kingdom of heaven. I will elaborate on this statement at the end of my narrative; for now, I am going to go into detail about my personal budget and why I chose to allocate my funds the way I did. The budget that I have laid out is based on an estimated income that I will receive after I have graduated from an occupational therapy graduate program and have been certified to practice in the state of Florida. An entry-level occupational therapist 's salary is approximately $60,985. At this point in my life, I will be 25 years old and single with no children of my own at this point. Even though I cannot exactly predict my personal situation, I plan on being very focused on my career and working to build a good reputation in my field as an occupational therapist for children with special needs. In order to flourish financially I need a budget, not only to control my spending, so that I can work on paying off my student loans and begin a savings for future goal. My housing situation is very simple because I am only accommodating for myself. I plan on living and working in Lakeland for at least the first year after I graduate from college, this will allow me to decide if I want to live permanently in Lakeland or move to a different city. Therefore, I will be renting a two bedroom apartment; with two bedroom I can either have guests or I can later decided to get a
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