How Can Chemical Pesticides Used On Foods Endanger The Public?

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How can chemical pesticides used on foods endanger the public?
The way we grow and consume our food nowadays has changed so much from previous years. Technology and biotechnology have played a big role in today’s food production and agriculture. Biotechnicians have come up with different ways to make sure that our food doesn’t consist of any pests when we eat out of it. They have come up with a chemical pesticides they we can spray in our fruits and vegetable to be safe from any pests to penetrate the food. Pesticides in general are known as a substance that can eliminate insects or any other organism that may destroy plants or crops. Many people use pesticides for many reasons they use it around their house, and usually use it for their garden. That’s why farmer’s now spray chemical pesticides all around their crops, so their crops don’t get damage from any pests. Farmers in the past would usually lose a lot of crops during harvest season, because of all the pests that are found in their crops. The government and scientist are now promoting the use of chemical pesticides in crops so we can have a pests free vegetables, but do we really know what is being put in these chemical that are being spray in our food. The government should be more concern to inform the public of what is being put in our food. We should be able to have the both sides of the story, are they hiding any information that they don’t want us to know. Are we missing any information that we should be told?

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