How Can I Use Love Summers?

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I used to love summers-really, I did. Once upon a time, there was no greater joy to me than stepping outside and being surrounded by the humid air, soaking in the sunshine, but one can easily overdo it. This ‘heat spell’, which has actually been our climate for over two years now, is overdoing it. Riding my bike with the sun directly overhead is overdoing it. My hands have become slick, my hair wet, and I’m still in view of my house. Riding a bike used to be gliding across the land, the cool winds whipping through my hair; now, I am struggling over rough, uneven ground, and the thick, heavy air makes me feel like I’m riding through honey. Glancing at the camera mounted on my handlebars, I mutter, “Sorry viewers, no footage of the journey …show more content…

No, you idiot, they’re always five hours apart on Fridays. You know as well as anyone else how much they love their routines. It doesn’t matter how much they try and make it a surprise, they’re all too afraid of change and chaos to really do anything about it. I try to shake the thought from my head, focusing all of my energy into pedaling. The blotches have taken form and I replace my nerves with glee. I managed to do it; I snuck out of the city and made it to the abandoned town. All I have to do now is get some exploration footage and I’ll have the best video of at least the next three months. I am so not a one-hit wonder. My fans love me and my videos, and they’ll love me even more after this. Arriving next to a building with chunks crumbling from the wall, I set my bike on its side and pull the camera off, sliding the switch to the ON position and waiting for the familiar red light to blink at me. “Hey viewers,” I say, pressing a smile onto my face. “So, today we are here, well, I’m not exactly sure where ‘here’ is, but it’s one of the abandoned cities. I am so excited to show you around!” “I think this used to be some kind of shop.” Pointing the camera into a shadowed building, I capture silver racks with a few lonely articles of clothing hanging off them, and many lumps of fabric sitting on the glass-littered floor. Picking my way across the room, I find a table with a few sad, moth-eaten hats still

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