How Can You Make Chunks Of Time?

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How to Create Chunks of Time Moving along, we will take a look at “How to Create Chunks of Time.” First, focused working in the morning hour when you are the freshest and most alert can be to your advantage. Many of the most productive people in business discipline themselves to go to bed early and then arise at 5:00 or 6:00 A.M. so that they can work sixty to ninety minutes uninterrupted before going into the office. Another time that you can use to your advantage is lunchtime. This is a great opportunity for you to shut off your phone, turn off your internet connection, and remove other distractions while everyone else is out of the office having lunch. You’ll have sixty straight minutes of peace and quiet where you can work single-mindedly to clear up some of your most important tasks. Create Blocks of Time If creating chunks of time doesn’t work, change your format and focus on creating blocks of time. You can begin with a minimum of sixty to ninety minutes to accomplish anything worthwhile. It takes about thirty minutes just to get your mind into a complex task, such as preparing a proposal, report, or even planning an important project. You cannot mix creative tasks with functional or administrative tasks. Think of creative time as your “internal prime time” and operational time as your “external prime time,” without mixing them up. You cannot do big creative jobs requiring focus and concentrations in a typical office environment unless you put up a DO NOT…
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