Moving To Work

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Arriving to work early or leaving work late, gives you the chance to catch up on tasks that you haven't gotten done. If possible, get work done when others aren’t around. Try to avoid multitasking, it seems as if you’re getting more done if you do two or three things at once, but you will be focusing on more than needed. If you focus on once job at a time, you will be more productive. Do your part to keep meetings productive, Be on time. Come to the meeting prepared for the topics at hand. Confirm appointments the day before. This will head off problems caused by miscommunications or scheduling conflicts. Give yourself extra time traveling to and from work so that you don’t feel rushed. Try to find a few extra minutes in your schedule each day to organize your thoughts and your things. …show more content…

The task will seem less overwhelming if you know you will stop at a certain time. If it’s not possible to set a time limit, break up the task into short chunks of time and do more interesting work in between. Repeat instructions verbally. Make sure you understand what someone is asking you to do before you actually start the work. Make sure others understand you when you are giving them instructions. • Designate a place in your home for items you need for work. This may be a closet shelf or a drawer in the front-hall table. Leave your work-related items in one place when you come home and you’ll know where to find them. • Lay out your work clothes the night before. You’ll save time in the morning and avoid last-minute surprises, such as missing buttons or a misplaced umbrella. • Pack your lunch the night

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