How Can You Walk Down The Staircase Hearing The Creak Of The Wood

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You walk down the staircase hearing the creak of the wood as your foot hits each stair. You stop, waiting, thinking that you will hear a door bust open, a car door slam but silence, not a single soul moves. You want to know how your life will change when you walk through that door, who will hate you or love you, yet you can’t time travel, you can’t do much in fact, but the one thing you can do is change the way a page of your life will be engraved into your story... Two Days Earlier: “Becca?” You walk in a frantic hurry to the upcoming alley. You see a shadow emerge from the darkness. “Boo!!” You jump and flick your hand up in defense. She laughs to herself gently. “I found you! I was about to go look for you at your house!” Becca shouts. Good thing she didn’t do that though. You would have been caught in your web of lies. 〜 Two Years Earlier: Flashback You sit in your small broken down treehouse on the side of a road quietly finishing the third missing people report on your parents. They have abandoned you for a year now and you will do anything to just catch a glimpse of them and remember what they look like. In the middle of you writing your signature, Taylor Swift starts blaring through the room. You push your foot out and pull the phone towards you. Quickly, you jam your finger into the worn out answer button. “Becca?” You say even though you saw the caller I.D. “Eva? I need to come over now. M-my dad’s been drinking again and I’m scared.” You

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