How Children And Animals Are Very Similar? Essay

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In many ways children and animals are very similar; but they have different needs. Children for instance, always need supervision because at a very young age they cannot fend for themselves. Animals, on the other hand need a different type of care, and it isn 't as intense as a younger child. Along with the different care, they also need different types of attention. When volunteering we noticed the differences and similarities between young children and animals, and why it is important to help where the help is needed. We compared the fact that both the children and animals need people with free time to give their help, we compared how any type of help can make a difference, we contrasted the fact that they have different needs, and need help with completely different things, and how different people enjoy helping out differently. This project also helped us realize that a lot of us are not using our time wisely at times, and that we should schedule more volunteering sessions.
On Monday, November 7th I volunteered at Lakeshore Park with The Dalton Correcaminos. It’s a soccer school that helps the underprivileged kids of Dalton, Georgia. They help the kids with anything they need and it’s all voluntary work; no one gets paid to help the kids have a better day to day life. This experience for me was great because I never had this growing up in New York City, with help like this maybe I could have made better decisions throughout the years. Animals on the other
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