How Children Can Be A Blessing

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Adoption So many children that were unwanted and neglected were helped by an early foundation in New York. Each year people are having children and leave them uncared for. Other loving parents or partners who are willing to take in an unloved child and raise him or her as their own has to go through a long process in order to qualify. Unfortunately, not all children find the loving comfort that they need and are returned to the foster homes or are treated bad. Adopting children can be a blessing, but not all children receive the love. Charles Loring Brace was the son of two teachers and was born in the state of Connecticut. He only had one other sibling, a sister. In the 1840s, he had graduated from Yale University and after he was teaching for a while, he began his process to become a Catholic pastor. Later in the late 1840s, Brace moved to New York and with a partner failed in a writing publication. Their attention was on poverty and they had written how poor people lived in the city. Because Brace and his partner had failed in their written project, they turned their attention to homeless children. According to the Encyclopedia, Brace had gone to Europe and when he returned to the United States he began an organization to help children. He began to take in children who were abounded in the streets. In the early of 1850s, Brace began the new organization called New York Children’s Aid Society. This Orphanage collected children throughout the rural communities,…

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