How Companies Are Managing The Foreign Exchange Risk Through The Use Currency Options

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1. Executive Summary
This paper discusses how companies are managing the foreign exchange risk through the use currency options. For instance, some companies who didn’t not take risk management seriously had resulted in inefficient use of capital, increased liabilities, and reputation risk. Moreover, a lack of certainty can cause confusion as to what a company’s acceptance of risk is, such as a level of acceptance. Without risk management, a company can become overconfident in its methods, which could lead to a financial crisis. The failure to objectively take risks leads to bad results like a company taking inappropriate risks not in the best long-term interests of the firm. Furthermore, poor risk management in finance could amount to …show more content…

In order to minimise the effect of the potential losses due to foreign currency exchange rate, it essential to understand the use of financial instrument.
Foreign exchange risk consists of three main types of exposures. First, transaction exposure is when a firm has a contractual obligation under which it supposed to receive or pay a certain amount in a currency that is different than its home currency. Transaction exposure has an effect of the firm’s income statement because the accounts payables or receivables can be affected by currency exchange rates. Second foreign exchange exposure is the translation which impacts the balance sheet of the firm. It occurs when consolidating financial statements of foreign units into a company’s home currency. The third type of foreign exchange exposure is the economic which influences a firm’s cash flows when exchange rates change. This type of exposure can impact assets, liabilities, or any type of anticipated foreign currency cash exchange.
The starting point of any foreign exchange risk management plan is to identify the exchange exposure faced. In controlling the foreign exchange risk, currency options have attained acceptance as very helpful tools due to their exclusive nature. They are very critical and convey a much wider range of hedging alternatives. Call options provide the right to the buyer to purchase the

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